Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome to My New Blog

Welcome to my new blog! Having my own blog hadn't occured to me, until my friend and coworker Keri, suggested it. Well, I did it, Keri!

Of course, the first order of buisness here must be the cats. My husband and I have four beautiful Scottish Fold cats. Actually, they have us! Scottish Folds' are known for their folded ears, big round eyes, and a friendly disposition.

This is Wally, my very special black and white boy. He runs the show around here, that's for sure.

Here's DK. DK stands for Don's Kitty, and Don's he is! My husband is DK's favorite person in the whole world.

This is Mikey. Take a good look at his eyes, they're rarely this open! Mikey is a sleep-aholic!

This is our youngest cat, Duncan. He's grown since this picture, but he still a total cutie!

I'm out of time here, but in my next post, I'll talk about another favorite thing, knitting!


  1. Oh! Your cat's are so adorable!!!! Love!

    -TheWench from RTH on Rav.

  2. You cats are beautiful. Welcome to the blogging world.

  3. He He He..... I knew you would do it! I'm so excited! I think the cats should guest post every once in a while...



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