Monday, July 6, 2009

I Don't Understand! (Posted by Mikey)

Why does she now keep her knitting needles in this bag that I can't open? I need thumbs!


  1. LOL! Having both a Pre-K kiddo and a yarn loving cat I completely understand.

  2. your Scottish fold kitties are just adorable. Elizabeth mentioned your blog to me and the fact that your kitties and mine come from the same cattery Kinross. I got a retired mom named Fergie 4 years ago this spring as well a little boy (he was little at the time) named Jordie. Both of mine are the straight eared variety. I would have loved to get a folded eared one but finances are such that the straight eared fit in without having to take out a loan LOL.

    Mine love to help me with my quilting and make very good inspectors.


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