Sunday, July 14, 2013

More Quilt Blocks, Even Though I Still Can't Make the Pieces Match

Over the last week or so, I finished four more blocks on my Civil War reproduction quilt.  The pieces still don't line up perfectly on my blocks, but I'm have lots of fun, and thinking a lot about life during the Civil War.  I'm making my quilt out of reproduction fabrics.  They're nicely cut in fat quarters, and they're all 100% cotton.  Back in Civil War times, quilts would be make of scraps gleaned from worn out clothes, leftovers from sewing projects, and anything else a woman could get her hands on and use to keep her family warm.  I doubt her fabrics were all 100% cotton, and I'm sure they didn't come in nice neat fat quarters.  She didn't have a rotary cutter or an assortment of see through rulers in all sorts of shapes.  Her sewing was done by hand.  A block I knock out in a couple of hours must have taken her several days.  As she sat in her chair piecing little scraps of leftovers into something beautiful, she must have worried about her loved ones in the battle.  Perhaps her quilt was intended to warm her beloved son or faithful husband of many year.  Perhaps she sewed her fears, love, and prayers into that quilt, and hoped with all her heart that her beloved would still be alive to use it.  I worry about my points not being cut off.  She worried about her men staying alive.  Perspective!

This block is called "Yankee Puzzle".  It was definitely the most fun to make.

Here is my "Temperance" block.  This one gave me the most trouble with the sewing.  I decided to switch the lights and the darks, so that's probably what threw me off.

This "Union Pride" block is probably my least favorite.  If you look closely, you'll see a big mistake, which I decided to leave.

"Rally 'Round the Flag" was fun to sew.  Don really likes this one.

Four more blocks to go!

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