Sunday, February 8, 2009

Thank You, Duncan!

I owe our youngest cat a big thank you. Duncan has Irritable Bowl Disease aka IBD. IBD is a treatable problem, and Duncan's had been controled with prescription food. He eats Royal Canin Green Pea and Lamb food. The only problem is that the dry variety is absolutely disgusting, so he's forced to eat canned. He's never been a canned kind of guy, even when he still lived with the breeders, so he really doesn't understand how it's done. Literally. The little guy smooshes the food into his plate, then can't get it off. We have to "fluff" his food several times to get him through a plate. Hence, my thank you. Since this is a prescription food, and should not be eaten by the other cats, Duncan eats upstairs in the spare bedroom. It got to be a bother to run up and down the stairs for fluffing duty, so I started staying up with him. Between fluffs, I started to quilt. Now I have a wallhanging done and a table runner at the quilting stage. (I'd post pictures, but the camera is broken!) I'd almost forgotten how much I love to quilt. Thanks, Dunc!

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