Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cats 101

Our Scottish Folds and I had quite an experience. Back in September, I got a phone call from someone from Animal Planet. They were doing a series called Cats 101, and they had heard that my Folds teach my class. What started as a few shots and an interview ended up as three really cool people coming to school at about 11:00 am, staying there until 6:00 pm, then coming to our house until the cats decided it was bedtime at about 9:15. The result was a really cool segment on the show which first aired in December, and continues to pop up when I least expect it.

Here are some scenes from Cats 101:

The Guys playing on the stairs. They sure thought that camera man was nuts to watch them for so long!

Mikey was described has having round cheeks. I guess that goes along with his nickname "Squirrel".
Yes, Duncan does need a bib when he eats. He's rather sloppy!

DK was the purr boy. The funny thing is that he was the worst behaved on that day, but they made him look like the perfect cat. He always comes out smelling like a rose!

Cats 101 was fun, but I'm glad it's over. The cats are back to their regular jobs teaching second graders. They like that, because their pictures do all the work. Hmm, too bad that doesn't work for humans!


  1. You are famous cats!!! Our PURRson was so imPURRessed with you teaching 2nd grade she wanted to find you online and she did! We are so happy to be your friends! May we tell all our friends at the Cat Blogosphere about you?

  2. Very cool. My husband and I have seen that segment at least twice, what are the odds?


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