Monday, March 2, 2009

$23.70 Room Re-do

(Before I start, please forgive the quality of the pics in this post. Our digital camera is beyond repair, so I took them with my ancient cell phone.)

Our spare bedroom, also doubles as my craft area and yarn stash storage. It's kind of "my territory", and Don has the entire basement workshop for his. I was sick and tired of the room looking so yucky, so I decided to re-do it. Only problem: money! There was no way I could justify spending a whole bunch of money at list point in our budgetary lives, so I set a limit of $30. I only ended spending $23.70! Here's what I did:

1. Declutter! Mostly old books and dusty cat show ribbons. Cost: $0

2. Wash hardwood floor. Cost: $0 (I used white vinegar from my shelf.)

3. Buy 2 on sale pillow forms from Joanns. Cost: $6.59

4. Tea dye quilt with tea already on hand. Cost: $0

5. Buy two- 1/2 yard cuts and one 1 yard cut of Thimbleberry's fabrics from RYCO to match the throw rug in the room. Cost: 14.96

6. Buy 1 yd ribbon from Lorraine Mill. Cost: $1.34

7. Recover lamp shade.

8. Cut apart an old throw pillow to get the "guts".

9. Make three new throw pillows.

10. Hem curtains to bottom of the window.

11. Make trim from leftover fabric and sew to bottom of valance.
Here are a couple of truely horrible pictures of the result!

Anybody know a good place to get a camera cheap?


  1. Great job at remodel with so little money! Love your cats, too

  2. i love how you did this with so little investment. :) Amazing what a little elbow grease can do! :)

  3. That's a great re-do. You could be on HGTV!

  4. I can't imagine that you were able to do all this for under $25.00. It just goes to prove that in hard times we can be very resourceful.


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